Get a quote

How to get your quotation

We have three possible ways of providing a quotation for your project.

1) Rough estimate (phone)

This is the list price that we provide over the phone and is the least precise of the three. The price we will base on the following factors:

  • Average: installation quantity, waste factor, distance and conditions

2) Quote (email)

If you send us your measurements, drawings or floor plan and the place of installation we will be able to provide a quotation based on the following criteria:

  • Quantity and detail as provided by your floor plan or measurements
  • Any requirements listed by you as a customer

This will require final measurements to be taken onsite and this quote will not be binding.


3) Visit by our consultant (onsite)

This is our preferred option, so we can assure that you get the right material and colour for your project. This is our final price to you unless you make changes after our final measurement. This is the criteria that we will base your quotation on:

  • Actual measurements done by our consultant. (all cupboards must be fitted)
  • Any extra requirements by you as a customer
  • Special onsite considerations