Founded in 1924, Teka is a multinational firm of German origin, engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen and bathroom appliances, porcelain products and industrial containers.

The firm currently boasts 27 factories spread across three continents,which enable it to market its products in over 110 countries and to serve more than 100 million consumers worldwide.

Innovation and a strict commitment to the highest quality standards are two ideals that make Teka the first choice for more and more homes that entrust their kitchen to Teka’s experience and know-how.

Why choose a Teka sink taps

All Teka cartridges use sintered ceramic discs of high resistance. These discs all have porous surfaces which retain the grease longer helping to achieve smoother, gentler movements and therefore prolonging the life of the taps. The operating gear is insulated from water giving therefore continuous lubrication.

High quality stainless steel flexible inlet pipes with watertight o-rings. They fulfill the requirements of the most demanding quality control authorities internationally.

Temperature Limiter : Save the energy used to heat the water with the temperature limiter
incorporated in the cartridge.

Water Saving : The cartridge incorporates an adjustable flow limiter to save water every time you use the mixer.


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