Founded in 1924, Teka is a multinational firm of German origin, engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen and bathroom appliances, porcelain products and industrial containers.

In addition to being a benchmark in Europe in the manufacture of built-in home appliances, especially ovens, cooktops, hoods and sink units, it is also at the forefront of global beer keg production.

The firm currently boasts 27 factories spread across three continents,which enable it to market its products in over 110 countries and to serve more than 100 million consumers worldwide.

Innovation and a strict commitment to the highest quality standards are two ideals that make Teka the first choice for more and more homes that entrust their kitchen to Teka’s experience and know-how.


Teka is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer 75 years warranty* on all stainless steel sinks.


Classic Range – Polished

Named Classic because this range retains its popularity with many. Classic in design but not in its performance features, the range incorporates all the latest technical innovations and trends: new models, greater bowl depth, a variety of trays, attractive configurations, more accessories, etc. The secret of the classical is that it is ever-changing. Today’s novelties will be tomorrow’s classics.

All prices exclude VAT

Basico Range – Unpolished

Universo Range – Polished

Sober strokes, fancy lines and the most perfect symbiosis among shapes and volume. Under these exceptional features Teka introduces this sink line: The Designer series. A Universe loaded with virtues that converge in a symmetry and balance compendium. Follow its tread and flow through its shapes as a drop of water would.


Bahia Range – Polished

Some sinks are born to be different. From the moment the Bahia range was conceived, there was no doubt; it was one of the chosen ones. From the extra depth of its bowls to the special polishing that makes your kitchen a space filled with brightness and life, the Bahia sinks are one of a kind.


Centroval Range – Microtex

Zeno Range – Polished

Cuadro Range – Polished

Duetta Range – Polished

Because we do not all like the same things, straight lines may be bent into circles. Different configurations and designs which maintain the quality you expect from a Teka kitchen.



Econo Range – Polished

Teka understands the need to have a wide range of consumer products, from sinks cater for the top end of the market to lower end affordable quality. However we will always to continue to provide only the highest quality products no matter the application.
The exclusive range of Splash Zone contract sinks are suitable for large volume use and for entry level kitchens. The same quality 18/10 stainless steel is used to manufacture this range of sinks, so there is zero compromise on quality.



All prices exclude VAT

Stonehenge does not stock sinks on the premises due to the large varity of products


Linea R15 Range – Polished

Just a quick glance is enough to notice that the new Linea sinks are made of something different. Setting new standards is never easy but every once in a while, one new idea shows up leading the way to new concepts that perfectly fit in today’s way of life.

All prices exclude VAT


BE Range – Polished

There is no better option to accentuate your granite or precious stone countertop than an elegant Teka Undermount. Teka undermounts are supremely constructed and designed to be a showpiece of style and function in the kitchen. Follow the trend of the future… follow Teka.


Basico Range – unpolished


BE Double Range – Brushed


Teka Drop-in Sink Catalogue 2014
Teka Undermounted Sink Catalogue 2015