Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a natural stone material from the limestone family. It is sometimes known as travertine limestone or travertine marble; these are the same stone, although travertine is classified properly as a type of limestone, not marble. It is made of calcium carbonate and is usually found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs.

Travertine is available in different colours and finishes, from natural, neutral colours such as creamy white and beige to tan and reddish brown. The colour depends quite a bit on the impurities and iron content of the stone. The different finishes include honed, polished and tumbled. Honed travertine is smooth, but unlike polished, it has a matte finish. Polished travertine is smooth, but buffed and polished until shiny. Tumbled travertine has a rougher, textured finish and often has rounded corners for an antique look.


Travertine (Honed & Filled)

Travertine (Unfilled)